Where Am I? My Journey Home

by Susan on June 19, 2014

Sunset at Misko Beach

Where have I been? Or rather, where am I?

So it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and there’s a good reason for that.  I’ve been traveling. Again. And when I say traveling, this time I mean REALLY traveling.  Once again our family kissed the good ole’ USA goodbye and headed back overseas to the little island of Pohnpei, where we have lived for the last 13 years.  After 10 months in the States, we were more than ready to get home!  I could literally write a book on the last couple of weeks, but I’ll spare you all the details (that you most likely wouldn’t find as interesting anyway) and summarize our coming home.

Maybe you’re familiar with Pohnpei; maybe you have no clue where it even is.  So I’ll just give a brief summary of what we’ve been up to:

  • Two full days of flying. With 5 kids. Not much else to say there. You can imagine how “fun” that was.
  • Jet lag. Need I say more? It’s starting to fade now but still lingering a bit.
  • Heat and humidity.  Wow! It’s easy to forget about that aspect of island life after being away for awhile.
  • Lack of supplies.  Shopping is quite the adventure here.  Yeah, I kinda miss Walmart.
  • Missing Starbucks as well.
  • Mildew. Our house is full of it after not being air conditioned for 10 months.  Going to take awhile to get things back to normal but we’re getting there.  It’s a long process of taking everything out of drawers, cupboards, and closets, washing them down, washing everything inside, and putting things away.
  • Crazy pool schedule.  Our oldest son will be competing in the Micronesian Games next month.  Kaleo jumped right into the heavy swim schedule the day after we arrived as well as rushing to get all the paperwork/physical/blood work done to enable him to compete.  He started back to working at the pool today too so more hours there. He’s pretty tired and sleeping whenever he’s not at the pool.
  • A car wreck. Yeah, after driving in city traffic for 10 months without incident, I was in a car accident a week after getting back on this tiny little island with no traffic lights and only a 2 lane road.  A car hit me from behind when his breaks failed; thankfully no one was hurt. Unfortunately, we are required to go to court over it.
  • Catching up with ministry.  For those of you who don’t know us personally, we are missionaries on this little island (my husband is originally from here though).  We are jumping head first into summer ministries such as Vacation Bible School and youth camp.  We can always use your prayer!
  • Enjoying catching up with friends and family. A given, of course. We’ve missed everyone SO much!
  • A new puppy. Yeah, our kids were given a new puppy as a welcome home gift.  So in the midst of unpacking and cleaning, I am also cleaning up puppy messes! Yay! (yes, that is sarcasm).
  • Beach day. Everyone needs some time out for fun.  So we took off from the crazy the other day and spent the day at the beach.
  • Enjoying the beauty of the place I love more than anywhere.  Maybe I am a little biased but this island is without a doubt to me the most beautiful and amazing place in the entire world.  I wouldn’t choose any place else to live!

So where am I?  I’m HOME!

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