No More Excuses!

by Susan on January 19, 2015

No More ExcusesDoes this sound familiar?

You head to bed, maybe on a Sunday night, and you’re thinking, “Tomorrow’s the day! Tomorrow I WILL be 100% committed to my goals! I’m going to get up, workout, and eat right!

Morning comes…”Wow, I’m tired; maybe I’ll just sleep in a little more.” Breakfast…”Hubby picked up donuts?! Yay! I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow.” And one after another, the excuses take over.

I think I’m overtired. I shouldn’t start working out just yet.

Maybe a little later I’ll feel more like exercising.

I’ve been overweight this long, what’s one more day?

I’ve gotta make sure the kids are all on track with everything first.

Too much to do…Laundry comes first…The kids want McDonalds…I can’t do this…I’ll probably fail anyway…

And on and on.

How do you break the vicious cycle? The desire may be there. But what’s keeping you from going after those goals?

     ~ Procrastination ~ Check!

     ~ Lack of planning ~ Check!

     ~ Fear of failure ~ Check!

Here’s the thing ~ you’ve got to be absolutely DONE with the current status quo! You’ve got to stop waiting for the perfect circumstances and just DO IT! Easier said than done, I know.  Experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit or break an old one.  So here’s some steps to get ‘er done:

  1. Sit down and write out some clear goals ~ NOT just saying “I need to lose 50 lbs.”  Write out exactly what you want to accomplish with a clear deadline (oh, and make it attainable. 😉 Making it measurable is a good way to make sure it’s an attainable goal.)
  2. Determine your action plan! I don’t know why, but I LOVE this part! My problem though, is that I could stay on this step forever if I let myself.
  3. Get rid of the negative self-talk!  I confess; I’m guilty of this.  It’s so much easier to say “I can’t” than “I can”!  It’s in our nature to be super hard on ourselves.  But enough is enough! Replace the negative with the positive!  You CAN do this! 🙂
  4. Get your family on board! Sometimes this isn’t always possible, but don’t be afraid to share with those closest to you what you’re planning to accomplish.  Who knows, they may end up your biggest cheerleaders or even jump in and set some goals of their own.
  5. Get up and do it! Don’t put it off anymore; get started!  And commit to those 21 days to form a habit. Yes, it’s tough in the beginning.  You may have to literally force yourself through the first week (I have been known to cry through a workout at the beginning of a new program…Ahem, yeah, shhhh!). But believe me, it gets easier! AND it’s so worth it!

I’d love to hear about your goals for 2015 and cheer you on! Hop on over to my Facebook page at and share what’s up!

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