Success! How Bad Do You Want It?

by Susan on April 14, 2014


Having been in the health and wellness industry for quite a few years now, I’ve heard it all!  I mean, I’ve heard about every excuse there is out there.  One conclusion I came to early on is that I can’t force a client to WANT to get healthy.  I can’t force a client to commit, to change, to sacrifice.  That has to be their own choice.  Seriously, success is all about choices.  It’s all about how bad you really want it.  It’s one thing for a client to SAY they want to lose weight or change their health, but it’s another thing entirely for them to actually DO it, for them to actually put in the time and the effort to get the results they want.  So what is the difference between success and failure?  Seven factors I’ve found play a huge part in the line between the two:

  • Desire – While this seems like common sense, the average person struggling with weight or health issues will flippantly say “yes, I want to lose weight” or  “yes, I want to get healthy”, but a very small percentage have a strong enough desire to actually do something about it.  Take a look at these scenarios ~ Perhaps you’ve got 20 lbs to lose and your doctor recommends that you focus on a healthier diet and add in some exercise each week or you may start seeing some more serious health issues such as heart problems or diabetes.  For some, that’s all it takes to push them into action but for many, most I would say, they may eat a salad once a week and take a walk a few times but not really take it much more serious than this.  Now, if you visit your doctor and are told that your health has deteriorated rapidly and without some major health and lifestyle changes, you have a very limited time to live, you are more likely to be considerably more serious about those changes!  Sadly though, the majority of us wait until it’s nearly too late to make the changes in our health that we need to.  Start taking a look at where your health is heading.  Do you really want a change?
  • Attitude ~ While wanting to change is the first step, attitude is just as important.  Have you ever found yourself saying, “I want to get healthy, but it’s just too hard; I don’t think I can do it.”  Change that to “I CAN do this!”  As Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.”  Going into a healthy change with the right attitude can make all the difference between success and failure.
  • Commitment ~ Wanting to change and having the right attitude leads us to commitment.  If you’re the type of person that gives up before you’ve hardly started something, nows the time to tighten up on commitment.  Write down your goals and word them in a way that leaves no other option than success.  Instead of saying, “I hope to lose 10 lbs in the next 30 days” word it “In 30 days I WILL be 10 lbs less than I am now.”  Leave no room for failure!  Commit to yourself that you WILL reach your goals no matter what, no matter how long it takes.
  • Accountability ~ Regardless of how strong our commitment is, we can all use a little push now and then from someone else.  Don’t be afraid to let others know about your goals and ask them to hold you accountable.  Having a coach can make a huge difference as they will guide you on the way and hold you to it!  (If you don’t have a coach, I’d love to help you!  You can sign up to have me as your free coach HERE!).  Joining a challenge group is another great way to be held accountable.  These groups have motivation plus tools and resources to help you succeed, along others who are facing the same struggles as you.  We have a new group start every month so jump in on our next one!
  • Motivation ~ While yes, we often get our motivation from others, learn to not rely on outside sources to motivate you.  YOU be the motivating factor to your success.  People will let you down when it comes to motivation.  A quote I’ve always loved by Wane Dyer is “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself.  Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”  Focus on WHY you want to see changes as much as on WHAT the changes are you want to see.  And remind yourself often of that WHY!
  • Inspiration ~ No, I’m not talking about inspiration for you, but how you can be an inspiration to others.  For me, this was what really started to make a difference in the results I was wanting.  When I became a coach and began focusing on inspiring others, things started to really click with my own health changes.  You don’t have to have reached your goals to be an inspiration; you don’t have to have completed the journey (really, the journey goes on our whole lives anyway!).  You can be an inspiration no matter where you are in your story!  I found the accountability of coaching was just what I needed.  You don’t have to be a coach to an inspiration either (though you are certainly more than welcome to join our coaching team ~ we’re always looking for new motivating people!), but you can be an inspiration just by consistency in working toward your own goals, encouraging others along the way, and being a bright spot in the lives of others.
  • Choices ~ Yep, in the end, it’s all about choices.  You choose to have the desire, to commit, to motivate yourself, to inspire others, and you choose to make a difference.  It’s the little choices each and every day on this journey that will add up to big results and huge success.  What kind of choices are you making this week? Today? Right now?

You CAN succeed!

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