Where Have I Been?

by Susan on October 9, 2012

So maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been absent from my blog recently.  Here’s why!  I’ve been traveling the world, so it seems!  We got a last minute whim to try to get me to California (from our little island in Micronesia) for my parent’s 50th Anniversary celebration!  I still can’t believe it actually worked out!  It was so much fun to surprise my parents – they had NO idea I was coming!  It was quite an adventure getting here too!  I flew on a friend’s standby pass with United so there was no guarantee I would get on any of the flights – but I made it on, on all FIVE flights I had to take to get here!!!!  Unfortunately my luggage did not – it ended up back home.  But of course, what girl is going to pass up a ‘mandatory’ shopping trip!

It’s pretty rare for me to travel alone – I have 5 kids and let me tell you, traveling with children is an adventure all in itself!  So being alone, I was able to really think out exactly how I would stay healthy while traveling halfway around the world.  Here’s some of my ideas:

  • Drink a lot of water!  Air travel can dehydrate you pretty quickly.  I made sure I kept drinking water in each flight – and refused all other drinks offered.
  • Pack healthy snacks – I ended up doing this trip very last minute so didn’t have a whole lot of time to plan for snacks but I did throw in a bag of raw almonds and several Shakeology  packets.  The Shakeology came in handy in the Honolulu airport where I had a 4 hour layover from 3AM till 7.  I got some milk and ice (I usually don’t drink milk but there wasn’t much of an alternative there) and mixed my shake in my shaker cup and I had stuck in my carry on!  I also picked up some fresh fruit to go along with my ‘breakfast’.
  • Eat a lot of fruit – you can pick up fruit pretty much anywhere and while traveling, you definitely need the additional fiber!
  • Enjoy, but don’t overdo it!  It’s my parent’s anniversary, their 50th!  So yes, I’m enjoying some nice meals.  I’m allowing myself to enjoy food I don’t normally get in Micronesia, but I’m also being careful to not go crazy and eat everything in sight! 🙂
  • Get moving – Inactivity on a trip is your biggest enemy!  Don’t neglect your exercise on a trip.  I don’t think I’ll be able to do my regular P90X workouts as I would at home but I enjoyed a nice run this morning along a gorgeous lake near my parent’s house.

So these are some things I’m keeping in mind on this trip.  Hopefully they can help you, too the next time you travel.

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