Marooned Without A Compass

by Susan on November 6, 2012

Does your life often feel like it’s spinning out of control, going around in circles? Do you sometimes feel hopelessly lost? Do you know where you are in your life and where you are headed or are you just hoping you’re heading in the right direction?

November 6th, believe it or not, is actually “Marooned Without a Compass Day”. Weird, I know, but it really IS an ‘observed’ day. Well, I’m not out hiking in the woods or jungle, I’m no boy scout (or girl scout, rather), and to be honest, I don’t even really know how to use a compass. But it caused me to stop and think about it from a different perspective. A lot of us really are randomly heading in wrong directions.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

When heading out on a hike, you wouldn’t just start out – no plan, no compass, no supplies! Heading into our day is just as crazy without a plan and the tools to put that plan in action.

Let’s apply this to our health. Waking up tomorrow and saying, “I’m going to lose 15 lbs before Christmas” is good motivation. But if that’s as far as you get, it’s not much of a hike. You need a plan and the tools to get you there. Can you lose 10 or 15 lbs before Christmas? Absolutely! But what kind of supplies are you armed with?

Let’s prepare for our ‘hike’!

  1. What’s the plan? Heading for a “quick hike in the woods” or a “major mountain climb”? Do you just need to lose those last few pounds or your aiming on completely transforming your body and getting in the best shape of your life? Whatever you have in mind, take some time to write out your goals! Go ahead, I’ll wait while you get a pen and paper.
  2. Have your map? Wandering into the jungle blindly is never a good idea (believe me, I know; I live in the jungle!). So what kind of ‘map’ do you have to get you to your goals? No idea? You can start with my “A Simple Plan” Meal Plan and Recipes! My gift to you to get you started! See the form to the right of this post? That’s where you sign up to get. Go on; grab that now!
  3. Got your compass? What’s going to guide you? Oh, and you’re not going on this ‘hike’ alone, are you? Yeah, I’ve seen enough Criminal Minds’ episodes to know what happens to the lone hiker in the dark forest! Setting off on a body transformation without support is just as scary! So why do this alone? Join my Challenge Group and get the guidance and support you need! We’re there for you EVERY step of the way. We’re just about to get started with the Ultimate Holiday Survival Challenge so this is the PERFECT time to join the group!
  4. Supplies? Every good hiker knows how to pack the right supplies. And eating the right foods and getting in the right exercise is essential to this ‘hike’! Clean out your refrigerator and cupboards – get rid of the junk now! Stock up on healthy food and snacks. Shakeology is my ‘supply’ of choice as it’s already loaded with most of the nutrients I need in a day. And need help finding the right exercise for you? Contact me and we’ll find the perfect fit!

So there’s no reason to be marooned without a compass as we head into this holiday season. There’s a path leading towards the junk and weight gain of the season, and then there’s the path leading to the new you, the better, healthier you. Which direction will you take?

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