Finding the Balance

November 9, 2014

Balance! It’s a quest many of us crazy busy moms are on for what seems like eternity.  We’ve got our kids’ school projects, carpool schedule, sports practices, meal planning, grocery shopping, endless laundry, and more while trying to keep up with all our other responsibilities as well.  What’s a mom to do!? I don’t know […]

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Dare To Be…YOU!

January 23, 2014

Dare To Be…YOU! by Susan Kihleng I’m at an unusual stage of my life.  As many of my regular readers know, my family is a missionary family overseas on a small island in the South Pacific.  For now though, we are in the United States reporting on our work to the churches and ministries that […]

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Looking for the Raindrops in the Dry Land of Waiting

November 18, 2013

Looking for the Raindrops in the Dry Land of Waiting  Waiting…even the word has a sound of expectancy and impatience.  Are you at a waiting stage of your life?  I know I am.  We’re in the United States right reporting on our ministry work in the Micronesian islands and while it’s exciting to see friends […]

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Challenges: When Life Throws You a Curveball

March 26, 2013

The New  Year, 2013 started out great in our home!  We had big plans and much to look forward to.  I was on top of the world with my health and fitness and meeting my goals.  Homeschool was going great with the kids and I was gradually getting more organized in every area of life! […]

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Tis the Season…for Reflection

December 5, 2011

This time of year always gets me contemplating the past year.  Last week, our entire family came down with the stomach flu.  It was NOT fun!  And NOT a great way to ring in the season!  But it occurred to me that it’s really been a LONG time since we’ve all been sick!  It wasn’t […]

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Just Do It!

July 20, 2011

I had an “aha” moment this morning.  (Don’t you just love those?)  I have been reading two books lately (yes, I usually have several going at once), “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver and “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson.  I recently bought several books, these two included, and later after taking some time […]

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December 19, 2010

I love this time of year! I love everything about Christmas! It’s also the time of year that I get a little nostalgic and like to reflect back on this past year. 2010 has been quite a year for me. It’s had many ups and downs. My pregnancy and the birth of my daughter has […]

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Time For a Time Out

September 27, 2010

I get so wrapped up sometimes in all that I have going on in my life – homeschooling, housekeeping, coaching, etc. – that I forget to take time out and just have fun. We schedule in our homeschool calendar times that we just take a break from the work and get outside, whether it be […]

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Getting Creative in the Kitchen!

October 12, 2009

Living on a little island in the South Pacific definitely has its ups and downs. While we can’t ever have access to all the “wonderful” groceries available in the US, we rarely have to go without. However, this is one of those times when we’re all anxiously awaiting the next ship! We’ve heard through the […]

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