Gold Medal Philosophy

by Susan on August 2, 2012

All eyes are on London and the 2012 Olympic Games these days!  I’ve been following the games closely as I’ve got TWO countries to keep up with, being from the USA but living in the FSM.  Something I was just thinking about this past weekend is one part of the Olympic training process that isn’t nearly as much in the spot light as the athletes themselves and that’s the Coaches.  The Coaches are just as dedicated to the Games, just as involved, put in just as many hours, and really, without them, the athletes wouldn’t get very far.  I know most of us will never be an Olympic athlete; but that doesn’t mean we should just wing it on our own through life.  Regardless of our ambitions in life, we should adopt a ‘gold medal philosophy’ and along with that comes having a coach who will drive us to do our best.  Do you have that person you can depend on to give you the push when you need it?  Someone who will check up on  you to see if you got in your workout today or ate the way you should?  Do you have someone you can call on anytime?  Ask anything?  Someone who’s there to push you to your personal best in your own fitness and health?  I do! And I’m so thankful for my coach!  She’s someone who’s been there through all this before hand, done it herself, faced the ups and downs, and stuck with me no matter how many times I fall.  And she’s taught me how to do the same for others!  That’s why I coach!  So don’t think you have to go it alone.  Don’t be afraid to reach out; I’m here to push you to do your personal best!  Make the commitment to focus on your health and train like a gold medalist!
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